At O3 Guarding Ltd, we specialize in delivering customized security solutions that are efficient and effective for all types of sites. Our approach is tailored to each client's unique needs, ensuring that we provide the most suitable security measures.

We follow a structured approach to understand our customers' needs and expectations, which we consider the 'Voice of the Customer.' This commitment to excellence in customer service is fundamental. Monitoring both actual and perceived client satisfaction is a cornerstone of our operation, helping us maintain strong relationships and competitive advantage.

The journey begins with our first interaction, where we thoroughly assess and address client requirements, including agreed-upon service levels. This is complemented by a keen understanding of our performance's impact on client satisfaction, ensuring we maintain high standards within budget constraints.

Additionally, O3 has established a dedicated 24/7 service feedback line to promptly address any service shortcomings. We handle complaints confidentially and efficiently, ensuring instant resolutions and setting an example for continuous improvement.

As an organization, we monitor contract retention rates and referrals from satisfied clients, which contribute to our ongoing improvement.

We maintain a list of stakeholders, their expectations, associated risks, and actions needed to mitigate these risks. Our policies and procedures are meticulously designed and implemented to ensure legal and regulatory compliance.

As a responsible SIA Company, we conduct thorough vetting procedures to confirm that our staff are authorized to work in the United Kingdom, possess a clean criminal record, and have relevant work experience, all in line with the BS7858 standard.